Artesanias de Chile

Artesanias de Chile


For over 14 years, Artesanias de Chile’s mission has been to preserve and promote traditional Chilean crafts, allowing their artisans, some with special educational needs, to be fully immersed in the production process. From collecting raw materials, to dyeing textiles and hand spinning the products, each artisan gains market training, a sustainable income, and dignity in their work.

Artisan Voices

“I am very grateful. Gaining money every month helps me a lot. My work has also helped me to meet other artisans with different trades and that is something that enriches me. The craft is something you do with your own hands and soul. Craft, for me, is everything.” - Rosa Huaiquinao, master artisan

“This job has given me tools to generate income and help my family. Woven craftsmanship is something that I love to do. Although it is often a heavy job, it fills my heart and enriches me as a person. The fact that my crafts reach different parts of the world and different people.” - Maria Balcazar, textile teacher

“I cried when I got my first paying blanket because nobody ever valued what I was doing so fondly.  All I do is by hand and in my memory; we do what our mothers and grandmothers taught us. Now, I work happy, looking forward, because I know the work I do is highly valued.” Felicinda Huentemil, artisan