Asociacion de Artesanos Andinos


Asociacion de Artesanos Andinos aims to revive centuries-old practices of textile making and weaving that originated with the indigenous Aymara and Quecha communities in Bolivia. Over 200 artisans work on creating unique, natural, hand-made products that exhibit the beauty of traditional Andean artistry. Artisans participate in all aspects of the production process, and the economic empowerment they gain from the sale of their products improves their standards of living, and helps strengthen the community as a whole by reducing migration to other cities or villages in search of jobs.

Artisan Voices

"I am a mother of 5 children and now I can help them to study. All of the weavers who work with the AAA feel more proud of our knowledge of weaving and natural dying and now we are sure that if we weave, we will always have a secure income to help our children. Most importantly, we can stay in our communities instead of migrating and leaving our families alone as before."
— Ana Vargas