Gramshree is dedicated to empowering rural and marginalized women living in Gujarat, India. Working with more than 1000 home-based women artisans, Gramshree provides skills training and an organizational structure that enable women to earn a sustainable income while giving them the freedom to care for their family and home. Education in health, nutrition, family planning, and finance is provided to all Gramshree artisans. Certain basic necessities, such as a steady supply of food, children’s education, and medical care, are available to employees who are not yet financially independent.

Artisan Voices

“My mother sent me to receive training in hand work at Gramshree. In no time, I began quilting. The nurturing atmosphere of Gramshree is worlds apart from the miseries lingering at home. Despite the continuous challenges, my earnings and other benefits from Gramshree such as the food loan, healthcare and guidance have really improved our living conditions."
— Sangeeta Dabhi