Verde Short Glass Vase

Copavic, Guatemala

$ 44.00 

  • Verde Short Glass Vase
  • Verde Short Glass Vase
  • Verde Short Glass Vase
  • Verde Short Glass Vase
  • Verde Short Glass Vase
  • Verde Short Glass Vase

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    • While any flower could make this vase a home, our Felt Tea Roses are definitely the cutest shoo-in. Our beautiful Verde Short Glass Vase is just the right size for your floral arrangements, and forest green-tinted to bring a beautiful earthy hue to your home decor.

      Skilled glassworker artisans blow each vase by hand in a mesmerizing display of expertise, meaning no two pieces are exactly alike. Made from recycled glassware that would otherwise go to waste, this eco-friendly vase is as good of a gift to someone else as it is to yourself.

      • 6.1" tall x 6.1" diameter at base
      • 2" diameter opening
      • 1.5 liter capacity
      • Recycled glass
      • Dishwasher safe
    • Copavic // Guatemala

      Our assortment of one-of-a-kind glassware hails from the small village of Cantel in Guatemala. The producers at COPAVIC (The Recycled Glass Cooperative of Cantel) have been transforming recycled glass into elevated homewares since their founding in 1976. What started as an initiative to create sustainable jobs for local artisans has become a monumental worker-owned facility, providing artisans with health insurance, fair living wages, and­ ownership of the cooperative. By purchasing land and building their kiln and workspace in Cantel, COPAVIC’s artisans continue to take sustainability to a new level by reusing recycled glass and honoring their local environment.