Cheese Board & Glass Dome

Artesanos de San Pedro, Guatemala

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  • Cheese Board & Glass Dome
  • Cheese Board & Glass Dome

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    • Who doesn't love a beautiful charcuterie board? Sustainably sourced and carved from Guatemalan caro caro hardwood, and topped with a 100% recycled glass dome to preserve your cheese and accoutrements, this perfect-sized board is the ultimate addition to any host’s kitchen.

      The organic shape is an ode to the handmade nature of every unique piece, with a hefty amount of room for your crackers or freshly baked bread. These wooden boards improve over time as oil from foods and hands help season the board.

      Over time, the fibers of the wood may lift due to cutting, soap or over soaking. To smooth, use fine grit sandpaper then oil your board with food-safe wood oil.

      • Board: 20" L x 11" W
      • Caro caro wood
      • Glass dome: 7.5” D x 7” H
      • Recycled glass
    • Artesanos de San Pedro // Guatemala

      In a small town outside of Antigua, Guatemala, the Artesanos de San Pedro have created a workshop dedicated to the sustainable production of handcrafted wooden homewares. The Artesanos de San Pedro gather recycled or sustainably sourced wood from the Smartwood Alliance. These methods and certifications ensure the future of the wildlife in their community is not compromised.