Artesania Sorata


For more than 30 years, Artesania Sorata has helped to empower indigenous Bolivian women economically by providing them with artisan job opportunities. Over 100 women create hand-made, high-quality knit pieces, while practicing traditional and environmentally responsible methods of production. Artesania Sorata believes that improving self-esteem through creative economic opportunities can lead to an improved quality of life for artisans and their families. Education and healthcare services, including special services for the hearing-impaired, are provided to the artisans and their children through Artesania Sorata, in order to build a healthier, stronger community.

Artisan Voices

Eva Illanes: "We're like family" Illanes says. Illanes works from home and brings completed products in to the Artesania Sorata workshop. Her husband is a military engineer; she sees him about once a month. He doesn't give her enough money. Working with Artesania Sorata gives her a sense of community as well as additional income, vital in a climate where unemployment is high.