By supporting locally-sourced markets in the northern region of Ghana, AAKS fosters community development and creates sustainable employment opportunities for local female weavers. AAKS employs these women, and offers zero-interest loans as well as employment, empowering them to become financially independent, building their lives and communities by supporting local markets.
By using raffia to weave bags, AAKS combines sustainable markets with sustainable work for local artisans. Each raffia bag is paired with leather finishes from around the country. Each bag brings dynamism and beauty, reflecting the colorful spirit of Ghana and paying homage to the heritage of the weavers. Raw materials are purchased in Ghana using ecologically-harvested raffia from family farmers in the community. Strong efforts are made to consider the environment when producing products, such as the preservation of the African Savannah and utilizing as much of every raffia palm as possible by reserving the scraps for smaller bags.
Gurunsi, also known as the Frafra people living in Northern Ghana, use their ancestral techniques of weaving that are unique to this part of Ghana for the purposes of design.

Geo Market Basket

AAKS, Ghana

$ 88.00