Afghan Institute of Learning


The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) provides women and children with access to education and health services, programs that are funded in part by the income generated from the Afghan women's embroidery skills. AIL serves over 350,000 women and children throughout Afghanistan each year. AIL works with local communities to promote female empowerment by providing services such as literacy and vocational training, health services, education, and income-generating activities. Women in AIL's programs also receive advocacy training in order to help transform the country's health care and educational systems.

Artisan Voices

“There were no courses in our area and also the population of our area has increased. Girls had lots of difficulties with transportation. So now, without any problem, we can get to a course...I would like to thank AIL for changing my life. I would also like to thank the AIL staff for their good work for our community."
— Mariam