Catrinka is committed to financially empowering women and girls, and helping to break the cycle of poverty. They work directly with indigenous textile artisans in rural areas of Mexico and India, and then send the textiles to two family-owned handbag workshops - both of which predominantly employ women and one of which is 50% woman-owned - to be transformed into artisanal luxury handbags. Catrinka believes that educating a girl is the single most effective way to reduce poverty around the world. When girls have access to education and the support they need to put their dreams into action, they transform their families and future children. Catrinka provides life skills mentoring in addition to education, to give girls the tools they need to understand their bodies, to understand money, and to broaden their vision of their own future. They also developed a production cooperative that allows older girls (aged 15-19) to earn money by making bracelets while participating in the curriculum.