Natural OliveWood

Natural OliveWood


The family-owned Natural OliveWood shop hires local Tunisian wood workers who have learned the art of carving trees from their families. Olive trees cover over 30% of the land in Tunisia making the olive tree one of the most admired and recognizable trunks in the country. Artisans are paid a fair living wage and receive benefits including paid time off, paid maternal & paternal leave, staff lunches, and childcare, as well as the opportunity to hone generational crafts and keep these traditional skills alive. All products are completely unique, boasting the distinct swirling patterns of the trees’ twisted trunks. Non-porous by nature and coated in a protective layer of oil, Natural OliveWood products are both safe and sustainable.

Olive Wood Salad Servers

Natural Olivewood, Tunisia

$ 36.00