With the mission to develop the social and economic capacity of women in rural Bangladesh, Prokritee has been providing sustainable employment to women artisans since 2001. Prokritee supports over 1,500 artisans in the poorest and most disadvantaged areas of Bangladesh. Global Goods Partners connected with the non-profit organization, composed of multiple different production units across the country, maximizing the impact that their productive job opportunities have in rural Bangladesh. Prokritee maintains a workspace committed to equality, compassion and sustainability. Artisans participate in many aspects of the organization, so they may be empowered to learn and grow within the company. Prokritee’s commitment to fair trade goes beyond fair wages and ethical trade, it ensures safe and healthy working conditions for every artisan and environmentally sustainable practices to maintain a tenable future for all.

Artisan Voices

“With my income, I was able to contribute to my family, bear the educational expenses of my daughters, and even buy land. I have a dream of building a house with my income in the future, and I am working harder to make it a reality. I have been given a sustainable and happy life that I never thought was possible.”
— Bilkis

Safina Round Handle Bag

Prokritee, Bangladesh

$ 38.00

Large Woven Storage Basket

Prokritee, Bangladesh

$ 68.00

Round Storage Basket, Set of 2

Prokritee, Bangladesh

$ 52.00

3-Tiered Hanging Basket

Prokritee, Bangladesh

$ 32.00

Net Design Baskets, Set of 2

Prokritee, Bangladesh

$ 36.00