During the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Goods Partners began product development with Qartaj, a cooperative of 300 artisans from rural communities in Tunisia.

By employing local artisan women, this producer group strives to combat the ever-present discrimination against women in the workplace. With artisan workshops, skills training, and creative design programs, artisans are prepared for the workforce and involved in the many opportunities that handcrafting provides.

Through the promotion of traditional Tunisian symbols and motifs as well as production processes by hand, Qartaj continues to respect its cultural identity and prevent the extinction of artisanal jobs in and around the town of Kélibia. By using traditional symbols such as Berber, from the Berber culture of Sejnan, our newest ceramics collection pays homage to the roots of Tunisian design and culture. From creating pottery molds to developing intricate designs, each piece is skillfully and lovingly handmade.