South Africa

Few jobs are offered to South Africans with little formal education, but at Streetwires, 120 artisans in Cape Town and Johannesburg earn sustainable incomes through the sales of their extremely high-quality wire and bead creations. The artisans at Streetwires, all of who come from extremely impoverished backgrounds, have been able to afford necessities like homes and education for their children for the first time. The organization strives to engage and nurture its artisans in creative work and offers training programs in business, finance, computers, and more complex wire craft.

Artisan Voices

“I enjoy being here at Streetwires because there's no racism. Here we are all the same and we respect each other. I’ve learned so much about beads and wire, and I still want to learn more—even how to use the computer...One day I want to own my own company.”
— Victoria Ntulini

Wire Art Beaded Dreidel

Streetwires, South Africa

$ 20.00