Swaziland Fair Trade (SWIFT) is a member-based non-governmental organization that works with 25 member groups to employ 5,000 artisans from both rural and urban areas of Swaziland. Weak economic growth and high rates of HIV/AIDS infections (over a quarter of the adult population) has left 63% of the population in poverty, with few job opportunities. SWIFT member groups provide a wide variety of artisan jobs, from glasswork and weaving, to ceramics and jewelry making, so artisans with different skill sets can find work. In addition to employment, the organization offers medical care, education programs, peer counseling, and money management tips.

Artisan Voices

“We really believe in recycling in a contemporary way. What I like about our products is that we’re not trying to hide that it’s a magazine; we are taking the magazine and adding value to it.”
— Doron Shaltiel

Rainbow Recycled Paper Earrings

SWIFT, eSwatini

$ 38.00