Tigmi Bags


The Tigmi Bags Association is located in Tigmijou, a small village in southern Morocco. For over 100 years, residents of Tigmijou have been weaving local water reeds into durable household products. Originally, weavers crafted floor mats which were popular because they provided a layer of comfort on top of the dirt floors found in many Moroccan homes. However, with the advent of cheap, plastic mats, the market for traditional woven household products diminished. In need of an additional source of income, the weavers used their skills to create a new product -- tigmi market bags. The utility and popularity of these new bags once again created demand for the woven reed products from Tigmijou. Today, the Tigmi Bags is one of the largest producers of reed baskets in Morocco and the popularity of the market bags serves as a primary source of income for the community.