Since 1984, Tintsaba has been employing Swazi artisan weavers to create extraordinary baskets and jewelry. Currently, 900 women work full- or part-time at the organization’s headquarters in Piggs Peak. They weave products from sisal weeds, dyed with environmentally safe dyes. Little water has to be used in the creation of the products, and no extra materials are wasted, just recycled. In addition to earning a living, learning about the environment, and developing admirable craft skills, the women at Tintsaba also receive a formal education in literacy and numeracy so that they can open bank accounts and control their finances. Homeopathic healthcare is provided from mobile clinics, and HIV/AIDS awareness courses are taught regularly. Tintsaba artisans are trained in leadership skills, and are supported in their individual development.

Artisan Voices

"Tintsaba has made it possible to raise and educate my children. It has given me a home, security and a future. It has taught me how to work with love.”
— Elizabeth Mngometulu