White Field Farm

Long Island, NY

White Field Farm is a natural home and body product company founded in 2014, run by Greek Orthodox nuns in Long Island. They aim to provide training and employment to vulnerable women who have survived abuse of any kind, with a special emphasis on survivors of human trafficking.
Through their non-profit arm, the HOPE Project, White Field Farm was able to employ their first survivor in 2017. The HOPE Project aims to offer survivors of human trafficking two years of housing, access to therapy and medical care. At White Field Farm, they aim to break the disconnect between resources and survivors of human trafficking by providing training and employment for those at risk in Long Island.
White Field Farm focuses on producing locally-sourced soy-wax candles, soaps and other natural body-care products. Produced exclusively with American goods, they are also plant-based and cruelty free. These are beautiful gifts, made with herbs and essential oils, and provide a practical craft education for vulnerable women affected in the Long Island area and beyond.
Sisters Foteini and Theonymphi, the founders of White Field Farm, offer hope, along with the financial means for survivors of abuse to continue their journey of recovery. That is their mission, and it is one we are proud to support.