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By - August 06 2012


Harlie Krug
July 07 2022


I am looking for several items, each inexpensive. We are celebrating my daughters bat-Mitzvah. At the reception I am looking to give out party favors for all of the guests. The theme of her portion which she will we talking about is being unique and helping others. We are looking for favors that are unique and will help people. Your company seems perfect. We need about 60 items and I like the idea of bracelets, flowers, journals… would someone be able to help me with bulk orders, perhaps a discount or even suggestions? At her service she would share what the items are and about your company. She would ask people to take the item from their table which is moving for them. It is her gift to them for celebrating with her and it will be helping someone in the world in their honor.

I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you,
Harlie and my daughter, Sydney.

July 07 2022

They look so adorable. I like the idea of the pencils. Maybe I can use them as decoration for my pocket folders.

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