New Video Captures AIL's Mission and Work

By - June 03 2010


July 07 2022

I think the work that AIL does is incredibly important. How many of us can truly understand what it would be like to risk our lives every day to just make it into the office under constant threat for simply doing our jobs and acting on our beliefs? Sakena and the people at AIL are the true, unsung heroes. And while we hear a lot nowadays about “heroes” – Sakena is a real SHE-ro for taking on the male establishment in a society where women’s work has little value and the only thing with less value is the education of girls. And for all the risk she carries on her shoulders, the only thing she hopes to gain is to improve her small corner of the world for young girls whose destiny we can’t even imagine. To me, she embodies the word “bravery” and she doesn’t need a gun, a tank, a bomb or a landmine to do it.

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